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Animal protection and EU Common Agricultural Policy: contradiction or synergy?
Jens-Eberhard Jahn



The EU Common Agricultural Policy 2014-2020 has been intensively discussed for several years. During the same time public interest in the animal protection debate has reached new heights. The debates should not be seen separately: they belong together. Insufficient animal protection in agriculture nowadays is due mostly to economic pressure from the European agricultural policy’s focus on the world market. Political demands for increasing meat production standards have made it difficult for European meat-producers to compete on the world market. Because export is so important for a sector with expanding production capacities for a declining European market, the producers fight emphatically against higher standards. Animal protection policy must go beyond charitable requests and be discussed in the context of agricultural and trade policy. These policies not only depend on one another, they determine each other.


Keywords: European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), German Animal Protection Law, animal protection policy