TIERethik - Zeitschrift zur Mensch-Tier-Beziehung


The common good versus “Eco-Fascism”. Ethical considerations on the problem of invasive species
Clemens Wustmans

How to deal with invasive species? Politically, an answer seems to have been found – ethical problems and open questions are remaining. This because, based on the discussion about invasive species, the confrontation between animal ethics and environmental ethics shows up as in a burning glass: either individual non-human animals or groups of animal groups are focused. Often both aims of ethics are described as diametrically different. A fruitful co-thinking of the approaches, so the thesis of this text, is however possible and meaningful; this can avoid over-riding the individual interests of non-human animals under the premise of the common good, as well as it can help avoiding blind spots within animal ethics. It also becomes clear that the constructive character of many variables in the discourse on dealing with invasive species shows that ethical responses may not be definitive and unambiguous, but that they require constant review and enduring tensions.

Keywords: invasive species, responsibility, species conservation, individual animal protection