TIERethik - Zeitschrift zur Mensch-Tier-Beziehung


„Not doing things by halves, but whole animals“ - Construction of hegemonic masculinity trough meat consumption in BEEF!
Julia Gutjahr


Food, despite its biological necessity, is a deeply cultural phenomenon and cannot be considered detached from social norms. This also applies to the social gender order. In particular, meat with its attributed symbolic meanings of power over nature and animals plays a role in the construction of gender identities. For example, eating large amounts of meat is considered male, but renouncing meat is associated with femininity. These relationships of food, the humananimal relationship, and gender relations will be discussed in this article. On the basis of the analysis of text and image material from the men’s cooking magazine BEEF! it will be shown, how through meat consumption certain forms of masculinity, in this case “hegemonic masculinity”, are produced.


Keywords: hegemonic masculinity, meat consumption, gender, food